Zombie Elephant

[edit] Background

Mutant Elephant

The main boss of the Wild Things scenario. Encountered by the player constantly as it is like a stalking character. He used to be the star of the Christmas fair in which the animals were dressed as festive though upon the outbreak of Raccoon City with the T-Virus he became infected like all the other creatures of the zoo and began to further pursue those who thought they could seek refuge in the zoo. Though when Cindy arrived to the zoo thinking she could find refuge in the zoo also she along with a group of other survivors managed to take down this monstrosity. During the level the player can dispose the elephant in two days. The first and easier option to get rid of this monster is to lure it into the arena where the player can lock it up and it will begin to attack the large gate in a method of trying to escape. Whereby if the player wants to activate the sequence of escape from the elephant to let it get out and further fight it at the end they can play a tape and watch as the elephant becomes overcome with rage and breaks out. The other method of disposing of this monster is to fight it as the end level boss where they player has to simply take it down with any means neccessary.

[edit] Mutation

Upon contacting the T-Virus the elephant began to mutate. The elephant grew bigger, gained much more aggression to what it had had prior and it became stronger. The body shows the evidence of mutations as there are pieces of flesh missing and there are signs of growth from other various things which aren't natural.

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