A zombie advancing towards Jill

[edit] Description

The Zombie is a human in the early stages of T-Virus infection. The creatures appear in every Resident Evil game, aside from Resident Evil 4. Their main form of attack is biting their prey, but in later installments they can also make wild slashes. Resident Evil: REmake has a Crimson Head variety. A bite, or cut from a zombie supposedly causes T-Virus infection, and therefore whoever is bitten will also become a zombie, and so the process continues.

While playing as Sherry for a brief period in Resident Evil 2, their only form of attacking is vomiting an acid-like substance, which causes very mild damage.

[edit] Strategy

Zombies move very slowly and can normally be evaded. However, if it would be more convenient to kill them, they can be taken down with a few handgun blasts. When in a tight spot it may be necessary to use the shotgun. Also, in Code Veronica the M-100 P can kill many zombies very quickly.

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