William Birkin

William Birkin
Mutant Willaim Birkin


[edit] Introduction

William Birkin is introduced in Resident Evil 2. The first thing you see about him is his name mentioned in files. Later in the game, you discover that he is the mind behind the G-Virus and that he has injected the virus into his body after receiving injuries from Umbrella mercenaries.

[edit] Plot Contributions

William appears many times throughout the game as a boss fight. He also infects Sherry Birkin, his daughter, injures Ada Wong, and, in the Claire Redfield scenario, kills his wife Annette Birkin. He goes through many stages in his grotesque mutation, and is eventually destroyed by the self-destruct feature of a train that the characters use to escape from Raccoon City.

[edit] Personal History

Not much is specified about Birkin's past, apart from the fact that he joined Umbrella about the same time as Albert Wesker. It can be assumed that Birkin had a rivalry with Alexia Ashford, due to the fact that it is mentioned in a file in Resident Evil Remake.

[edit] Strategy

When fighting Birkin as Leon S. Kennedy, the most effective method is to use the Magnum. When fighting him as Claire Redfield, the best choice of action is a Grenade Launcher with Acid Rounds.

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