Weapons REO


[edit] Chemical Bottles

  • There are two types of bottles.
    • 1. Bottles With Acid: Found only in the second scenario I would recommend using them against the zombies and the hunters. Both turn out to be at least decent. Be careful when enemies are close. You might throw it and it may not hit them.
    • 2. Bottles With Flame: Just like the acid bottles they do a good amount of damage and their use is just like these ones.

[edit] Handgun

This is your starting pistol. It's great for headshots, so you can use it to take out zombies quickly. Also, ammo is very common for this weapon, so you can usually feel free to shoot all over the place with it. Just don't use it on anything tougher than a zombie.

[edit] Magnum Revolver

The bullets from this gun have insane stopping power. Just one shot is all that is needed to put down a hunter. It's great for bosses too. Unfortunately, ammo is quite rare for this weapon. You can't go screw around with it like you do the Handguns and the Shotgun. Make sure that when you use this weapon you aim carefully before you fire, so that you won't waste any bullets.

[edit] Shotgun

Every survival horror game needs some kind of a shotgun, don't you think? Thankfully, Dead Aim didn't ignore this rule. This weapon fires off shells that shoot pellets everywhere. The bullets cover a broad area, so you won't need to be very careful with your aim. It's great for crowds of enemies. It's also excellent for taking out hunters, since they tend to get in your face a lot.

[edit] Granade Launcher

This is one of the most powerfull weapons of the game have three types of rounds. Acid Rouds: Granades filled with an anti-creature sulfuric acid. Burst Rouds: Explosive Granades filled whit gun powder W-type the standard rouds of this weapon. Flame Rouds: Granades filles whit ultra high temperature napalm gel.

[edit] Handgun SG

Only found in the second scenario an easy-to-use handgun is descripted on the game ,but the fire power is still low than common handgun.

[edit] Ampole Shoter

Only found in the DECISION, DECISION scenario need a Daylight to work and is used to defeat Thanathos Reborn the final boss on the final form him have a huge HP using this weapon the victory is acepted and the failure and death is impossiple one fire in the boss and he will see stars .

[edit] Assault Rifle

Its a common rifle and is the most rapidly fire of the game but the damage is the same of a handgun , but whit speed of this weapon turn into the best choice if you are in dangerous situations .

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