[edit] Acid Rounds


Equip these to the grenade launcher to unleash an explosion of acid upon an enemy. Very powerful, and advantageous for boss battles. Comes in packs of six and can be loaded into the grenade launcher in groups of six.

[edit] S.T.A.R.S. Issue 9mm Beretta


The standard issue S.T.A.R.S handgun, this will be your trusty side-arm and backup for most of the game. The Beretta should be an assumed second choice for combat, as it does low damage, has a mediocre firing rate, and carries 15 bullets at a time. Inventory is capable of storing clips of up to 250 bullets in one slot.

[edit] Dagger

(GCN Only)


This is a self-defense item that can be used against enemies when you have no other weapons to use or are not quick enough on the draw. If equipped as a self-defense item, the dagger will trigger automatically when you're attacked and you will stab the creature. Once used, it will be gone, so be sure to pick up as many as you can.

[edit] Flame Rounds


These can be equipped to the grenade launcher. Especially effective against Crimson Heads but not as strong as acid rounds for other enemies. Comes in quantities of six and loaded into the grenade launcher as six.

[edit] Flamethrower


Found in the mansion tunnels. The only use it has is on the Black Tiger Spider boss fight, and proceeding cobwebs. After you are done with the area, toss this gun as you will not find more fuel or usages for it.

[edit] Grenade Rounds


Comes in quantities of six. The weakest of the three Grenade Launcher ammunitions, these will hit multiple enemies on occasion.

[edit] Knife


The Knife should be used as an absolute last resort in combat, as it features an extremely low range and rate of attack, as well as minimal damage to even the weakest of enemies.

[edit] Magnum

Dubbed as the "hand cannon", this weapon is incredibly effective on every enemy. Capable of decapitating a zombie with a single round, as well as taking the majority of stronger enemies down in two to three rounds.

[edit] Rocket Launcher


The Rocket Launcher will only be attainable in the final scene of the game, unless you have unlocked it during a previous playthrough.

Stronger than the Magnum, this gun will take down any enemy in with one shell, and most bosses in two or three shells.

[edit] Samurai Edge

(GCN Only)

This customized gun has infinite ammo, and can only be unlocked by completing the game in less than five hours.

It fires in bursts of three handgun shots.

[edit] Self-defense Gun

(GCN Only)

Fires .22 caliber bullets, this gun is capable of taking down a zombie with one bullet.

Unfortunately, it only has one bullet, so use it wisely or don't pick it up at all as there is no ammo for it within the game.

[edit] Shotgun


Holds six shells at a time, this is your standard crowd-control gun when confronted by groups of enemies, and is usually effective on bosses as well, with mid-range damage capabilities.

[edit] Stun-gun

(GCN Only)

A self-defense item that Jill uses, you will need Battery Packs located around the mansion to use this weapon. This will stun a zombie for around 8 seconds, so be prepared to either run afterwards or kill it once it has been stunned.

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