The Umbrella Corporation is a pharmaceutical company responsible for the creation of the T-Virus.


[edit] Plot Contributions

[edit] Resident Evil

The Umbrella Corporation developed the T-Virus for use in bio-weapon research. Most people exposed to it would degenerate into zombies, but a select few people would become Tyrants, a form of supposed super-soldiers. The virus breaks loose in a mansion facility in the Arklay Mountains and the R.P.D. STARS team is sent to investigate.

[edit] Resident Evil 2

After the destruction of the mansion facility, rats carry the T-Virus from the sewers and into the city, turning the inhabitants into zombies. The corporation also sends mercenaries, including HUNK, to steal the G-Virus from William Birkin.

[edit] Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Racoon City is destroyed by a nuclear missile by order of the president. It is revealed to the world that Umbrella was behind the tragedy, and the corporation is essentially destroyed.

[edit] Resident Evil Code: Veronica

3 months after Racoon City, Claire Redfield attempts to infiltrate an Umbrella base, and it taken to one of their prison complexes. It seems it took quite a while to fully bring down the corporation. The T-Virus breaks loose on the island due to an attack made by Albert Wesker. It is also revealed that Alexia Ashford has created a new T-Veronica Virus.

[edit] Resident Evil 4

It is revealed in this game that Albert Wesker, among others, has come up with a plan to revive Umbrella.

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