Tyrant T-0400TP

Tyrant T-0400TP

[edit] Appearance

The Tyrant T-0400TP is minor featured in Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 as the Tyrant in the final level of the game.

but not for long this Tyrant possibly an other featured in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, This Tyrant faced off Ada Wong in the Level Called (The Door of Death). Meanwhile after the Tyrant was Defeated by Ada Wong.

[edit] Purpose

This Tyrant was unleashed to help destroy the Hunters which renegaded the Umbrella facility in the End of the Road scenario. Unleashed by Carter the Tyrant rebelled and killed Carter but only managed to knock Linda out.

[edit] Nyx

At the end of the level the Tyrant is morphed with the Nyx and from here the player must fight the boss to destroy it. Even though Nyx was destroyed, Tyrant survived fusion and later meltdown of the creature.

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