The Mercenaries and Online Modes

  1. Additional information about Resident Evil 5 Slayer Mode + Survivor Mode
  2. Information about Resident Evil 6 Survivors, Onslaught, Predator and Siege Modes
  3. The Mercenaries modes from: Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil 2
  4. Additional information about Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Raid Mode.


[edit] Resident Evil 6 Survivors, Onslaught, Predator and Siege Game Modes

All maps are taken over to every mode (including the DLCs).

RE6 Survivors in-game

[edit] Survivors

More information about this mode can be found here.

This mode supports up to six players, including a deathmatch and a teammatch. Deathmatch is free for all and teammatch has three against three. The main objective is to kill each other (deathmatch) or kill the opposing team (teammatch) within a certain time limit. Everyone begins as agents (characters) and once they've been killed, you turn into a creature and become an agent again by killing another agent.

[edit] Onslaught

More information about this mode can be found here.

Onslaught supports two people. Like Mercenaires, Onslaught has you in an area (chosen map) where you have to survive waves of enemies and trying to reach 30 combos. Every time you gain a thirty combo, you send a large amount of creatures to your opponents side. Who ever dies gets all their points lost, losing to their opponent or when the time runs out and whoever has the most points wins the game.

RE6 Predator in-game

[edit] Predator

More information about this mode can be found here.

This mode supports up to six players, which equals six rounds if you have that amount of people in the lobby. Each round five players will be up against one player who is playing as Ustanak. Weapons for both agents (the five players) and Ustanak (the one player) are handed out randomly throughout the stage, but at most times it's timed. To win, you have to get the most points, which are added together at the end as Ustanak and as an Agent.

[edit] Siege

This mode supports up to six players, although it's three against three. This equals two rounds, as each team plays as the Agents and the Creatures at least once. The main aim of the game is: Agents: To protect the BSAA agent from the creatures and make sure to get him to survive the time limit. Creatures: To kill the BSAA agent. The results of the team who won depends on the amount of health the BSAA agent lost. For example, if one team ended with 100% health for their BSAA agent, then they would win.

[edit] Resident Evil 5 Survivors Mode and Slayers Mode

Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode Ingame

[edit] Resident Evil 5 Downloadable Content

CAPCOM: Japan recently announced the DLC (Downloadable Content) for the Xbox 360 and PS3, its release is expected on Mid-April or Early-May.

The DLC will consist of Resident Evil 5: VERSUS mode and SURVIVOR mode.

Edit - 7th April 2009 - CAPCOM has just released the new DLC for Resident Evil 5. This DLC costs 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 and $4.95 on PS3. The DLC is 1.85 Mb's large.

[edit] Survivors

Players will have to battle against a group of 4 online-competitors, last one standing wins the round. Also, Miniji (Enemies) will be spread around all over the map to slow some of the players down, making it even harder to battle against each other (This option can be disabled by the HOST of the game server)

Also, players can team-up with a 2-vrs-2 style game. Players will be able to choose characters from RE5 i.e. Sheva, Chris, Jill, Wesker.

Users will now be able to unlock all versus characters for online play through the bonus options in the menu.

[edit] Slayers

The aim of this mode is to get the most points. This can be played as free-for-all or in 2 player teams. You also get points for killing the opposing team, but this will make most players angry. You lost points if you die.

(Note: Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition has these modes and costumes on disc, needing to be unlocked by completing the main story)

Here's some additional game play from Resident Evil 5 - Versus mode ® All Rights Reserved

Both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are the same

[edit] Resident Evil: Revelations Raid Mode

Raid mode can be cooperative or done solo. The aim is to get through a map and finish with a good score and bonuses. You'll get a ran at the end of each round. There are 10 characters in the 3DS version and 12 in the reports.

[edit] Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries Mode

The Mercenaires mode from Resident Evil 6 has taken the same idea out of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 4.

[edit] Characters

To unlock other characters or get alternate costumes, you have to meet certain requirements or play the campaign to unlock maps that are needed. These are the requirements that have to be met to unlock other characters:

  • Helena Harper - Get a B rank or higher on the Urban Chaos map.
  • Piers Nivans - Get a B rank or higher on the Steel Beast map.
  • Sherry Birkin - Get a B rank or higher on the Mining the Depths map.
  • Ada Wong - Complete Ada's campaign.
  • Carla Radames - Unlock all characters and their costumes.
  • Agent - There by default, does not have a costume to unlock.

[edit] Character Layouts

Every character and their costume has a different layout. Extra Costumes (2 and 3) are different appearances of that character with the same layout as Costume. [Note: 2 and 3 are unlocked from Resident Evil.Net]

Leon (Default) = Wing Shooter, Shotgun, 4 remote bombs, 50 handgun ammo and 8 shotgun ammo.

Leon (Costume) = Assault Rifle RN, Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, Nitrogen Grenade Launcher, 60 assault rife ammo, 30 rifle ammo.

Helena (Default) = Picador, Hydra, Acid Grenade Launcher, 50 handgun ammo, 30 Hydra ammo.

Helena (Costume) = Ammo Box 50, Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, 3 Incendiary Grenades, 50 handgun ammo, 20 rifle ammo.

Chris (Default) = Assault Rifle, Lightning Hawk, Combat knife. 3 Hand Grenades, 60 assault rifle ammo, 7 magnum.

Chris (Costume) = Nine-Oh-Nine, Shotgun, 1 Rocket Launcher, 50 handgun ammo, 20 shotgun.

Piers (Default) = MP-AF, Anti-matériel Rifle, 3 remote bombs, 50 handgun ammo, 20 rifle ammo.

Piers (Costume) = Ammo Box 50, Sniper Rifle, Assault Shotgun, 30 handgun ammo, 15 rifle ammo, 10 shotgun ammo.

Jake (Default) = Nine-Oh-Nine, Elephant Killer, Hand-to-Hand, 2 Flash Grenades, 50 handgun ammo, 10 magnum ammo.

Jake (Costume) = Survival knife, Sniper Rifle, Explosive Grenade Launcher, 20 rifle ammo, 12 explosive rounds.

Sherry (Default) = Triple Shot, Lightning Hawk, Stun Rod, 30 handgun ammo, 10 magnum ammo.

Sherry (Costume) = Bear Commander, Assault Shotgun, 2 Flash Grenades, 60 assault rifle ammo, 20 shotgun ammo, 3 explosive rounds.

Ada (Default) = Ammo Box 50, Crossbow, 3 Incendiary Grenades, 60 Normal Arrows, 30 Pipe Bomb.

Ada (Costume) = MP-AF, Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, 3 Hand Grenades, 2 Flash Grenades, 30 handgun ammo, 6 rifle ammo.

Carla = Picador, Grenade Launcher, 50 handgun ammo, 12 explosive rounds, 6 nitrogen rounds.

Agent = Nine-Oh-Nine, Sniper Rifle, Survival knife, 5 remote bombs, 50 handgun ammo, 20 rifle ammo.

Note: Costume 2 and 3 are just different appearances and have the same layout as costume 1. Carla and Agent do not have costumes.

[edit] Maps

  • Urban Chaos (Default)
  • Steel Beast (Unlocked upon completion of Chris' campaign)
  • Mining the Depths (Unlocked upon completion of Jake's campaign)
  • Rail Yard (DLC)
  • High Seas Fortress (DLC)
  • The Catacombs (DLC)
  • Requiem for War (DLC)
  • Liquid Fire (DLC)
  • Rooftop Mission (DLC)
  • Creature Workshop (DLC)

[edit] Gameplay

Time Bonuses usually come with three different times. They can equal 30, 60 and 90 seconds, which are added to the clock. You can also get 7 seconds on the clock if you do a coup de grâce and 10 seconds if you do a counter. The Combo Bonuses are green and can either be shot or physically attack to activate, they offer the player 1000 more points as they keep the combo.

When the game is in split-screen (two players using two controllers) you can give items to your partner. This can only be done is split and not duo (online).

[edit] Skills

There are many skills that can be used and must be bought in the Mercenaries Skill Settings. All skills in Mercenaries need no leveling up.

Note: When playing with other players there are such things as 'hacked'/'modded' skills that aren't available to a player normally. Such skills for 'Mercenaries' mode include:

Training (also a modded skill for every part of the game, can not be obtained legibly).

Sniper Master (also a modded skill for extra modes).

Magnum Master (also a modded skill for extra modes).

Defense Level 3 (also a modded skill for extra modes).

These are the skills that can be obtained.

Eagle Eye: Adds an extra level of magnification to sniper rifle scope. (3,000 skills points)

Item Drop Increase: Causes more defeated enemies to drop items. (35,000 skill points)

Go For Broke! Makes it easier to pull off combos as time runs out. (60,000 skill points) (Mercenaries only skill)

Time Bonus + Increases time awarded by a Time Bonus. (90,000 skill points) (Mercenaries only skill)

Combo Bonus + Increases time for a Combo Bonus. (50,000 skill points) (Mercenaries only skill)

Limit Breaker: Increases the points earned for surpassing 50 combos. (60,000 skill points) (Mercenaries only skill)

Blitz Play: Increases your attack power if you attack immediately after another player. (5,000 skill points)

Quick Shot Damage Increase: Increases the damage from Quick Shot. (15,000 skill points)

Power Counter: Increases the damage made by Counter moves. (8,000 skill points)

Second Wind: Gain more damage output when at low health. (6,000 skill points)

Martial Arts Master: Melee damage goes up, but gun damage goes down. (25,000 skill points)

Target Master: Gun damage goes up, but melee damage goes down. (25,000 skill points)

Last Stand: Damage dealt goes up, but damage taken goes up as well. (30,000 skill points)

Pre-emptive Strike: Attacks from behind does more damage. (7,000 skill points)

Dying Breath: Damage goes up during dying status, but recovery takes longer. (15,000 skill points)

Pharmacist: Get more health from tablets. (17,000 skill points)

Medic: Heals a teammate at any range when you use a health tablet. (12,000 skill points)

First Responder: Makes it easier to rescue dying teammates. (15,000 skill points)

Take It Easy: Your health recovery is increased while using Cover. (20,000 skill points)

Natural Healing: Both your health and combat gauge recovers over time. (1,500 skill points)

[edit] Resident Evil 5 The Mercenaries Mode

The Mercenaries simple info:

Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries Mode Menu

The Mercenaries Mode from Resident Evil 5 is very similar to the Resident Evil 4: Mercenaries Mode. You, as either; Chris Redfield, Sheva Alomar, Jill Valentine or Albert Wesker must kill and gain as much points as possible in a certain amount of time in order to unlock bonuses in both Single Player modes (Both co-op-online-single player and offline Single Player) and Mercenaries Modes.

Players must destroy certain time crystals which are scattered around the chosen map-stage to gain more time in order to kill more enemies.

[edit] Characters

Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries Character Menu

Resident Evil 5 offers players to play as these characters (With different costumes)

[edit] No Mercy

In the PC ports of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, an extra mercenaries mode called 'No Mercy' was added. In Resident Evil 5's version of 'No Mercy', there are 400 enemies, with about 40 enemies on screen at any given time. However, enemies are weaker compared to the ordinary Mercenaries. There are around 4 Rocket Launchers per stage, when on solo.

Resident Evil 5 No Mercy

In Resident Evil 6's version of 'No Mercy', there are 300 enemies, with a large amount on screen at any given time, as well as mini-bosses. Can also be played with the crossover Left 4 Dead characters and the 'Witch' enemy. When using a Left 4 Dead character, the background music will change as well as their voice commands and taunt. This mode can be played for up to two players.

Resident Evil 6 No Mercy

[edit] Resident Evil 4 The Mercenaries Mode

The Mercenaries simple info:

Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Mode Menu

To unlock ‘The Mercenaries’ game mode, simply finish the game on NORMAL or HARD mode. The Mercenaries game will appear in the menu underneath ‘ASSIGNMENT ADA’ game. Mercenaries mode is as simple as running around and shooting guys to gain points to unlock more stages and characters. You’ll have to verse endless amounts of enemies until either the time runs out or until someone cuts your head off using a chainsaw. Players can also search for more time throughout the map; therefore, the player will have more time to gain points by killing enemies. For all stages, the character is only given 2 minutes to stay alive before the chopper arrives to EVAC them from the location.

Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Mode character selection

A combo meter is also available in the top-right corner of the screen. For each successful kill, the meter increases and the points add up depending on what type of kill was inflicted per enemy. When the meter starts flashing, the character has a few seconds to kill another enemy or the meter will reset itself to zero. When it resets, the points from the previous combo will tally.

The points the player gains during one play through of a stage does not add up to a total, therefore you can’t gain an amount of points from each stage and purchase new characters etc. Instead you have to reach a high point score which will automatically unlock new stages and characters for you. There’s also a rating system which does all the calculations for you and processes your skill and effort out of ‘5 stars’ for each stage which is completed.

[edit] Playable characters

Players will begin only with one character: Leon S. Kennedy. After reaching a certain amount of points necessary to unlock the next stage, players will then be able to use Ada Wong, Jack Krauser, HUNK and even the almighty Albert Wesker. These characters do have differences; each character has different weapons and different set of special attacks.

Hunk kicks off an enemy



HUNKS special attack is the ‘Neck Breaker’. When the enemy is stunned, HUNK can instantly go around that enemy and snap their neck. Pretty cool, huh?

[edit] Jack Krauser: INVENTORY:

  • BOW

Jack Krauser’s special attack is his Bio-weapon infected arm which can be used against any enemy at anytime, as long as it’s shinning bright red. (30-45 second cool down)

[edit] Ada Wong: INVENTORY:

  • TMP

Ada Wong’s special attack is the ‘Fan Kick’; this attack is a similar version of Leon's ‘Roundhouse Kick’.

Leon shooting random enemies

[edit] Leon Scott Kennedy: INVENTORY:


Leon Scott Kennedy’s special attack is the ‘Roundhouse Kick’ attack, Leon also uses the ‘Roundhouse Kick’ attack in the Resident Evil 4 single-player game.

Albert Weskers physical appearance

[edit] Albert Wesker: INVENTORY:

  • KILLER 7

Albert Wesker’s special attack is the ‘CVX SLAM’. Albert Wesker can initiate a super punch to the stomach.

[edit] Resident Evil 4 - Different Stages

Stage Number 1: Pueblo:

This is the village in the first part of the game. You start of in either of these locations:

1) South of the Village 2) West of the Village 3) On a house roof

Stage Number 2: Castle:

This stage is based from one of the levels which you play through single-player. You start off in the same place each time: underneath the circular tower.

Stage Number 3: Mountainside:

You start off in either of three spawning areas:

1) Camp Entrance 2) Top of a tower 3) North east of the camp

Stage Number 4: Wasteland:

You start off in either of two spawning areas:

1) Inside a shack 2) Top of the tower


You can also unlock powerful weapons like the ‘Hand cannon’ or ‘Infinite ammo’ for single-player when you reach 200, 000 points in anyone of the Mercenaries stages.


Mercenaries: Operation Mad Jackal menu

The MERCENARIES MODE: OPERATION MAD JACKAL in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is very much similar to the Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries mode but instead of having EVAC when the time runs out, you have an implanted charge that will go off if you don’t reach the required location in the time frame which you have. You start the game with a two minute time limit but this can be increased by killing the enemies throughout the game or saving hostages.


There are a number of hostages which can be saved to gain more time for your survival. Every time you save a hostage you gain 20 seconds to your overall time

Hostage locations:

1) Stagla gas station - Dario Rossa

2) Racoon newspaper building - Reporter

3) Restaurant basement - Brad Vickers

4) Substation - Marvin Branagh

5) Sales office - UBCS soldier

6) Bar jack - UBCS soldier


+5 per kill

+1 per consecutive kill

Take no hits: +100

Push: +1 (double for additional pushes)

Dodge: +1 (double for additional dodges)

Nemesis KO: +10

Nemesis kill: +20

Mutated nemesis kill: +120

Knife kill: +5


Using rocket launcher: -10

Excessive damage: -10

Too late to save a hostage: -10

Finish below 0.59: -50

Die before finishing: Final score halved

[edit] Resident Evil 2 The 4th Survivor

The 4th Survivor Menu

To unlock the 4th Survivor the player must finish both LEON and CLAIRE in Resident Evil 2 on an ‘A’ Grade rating. The 4th Survivor only allows you to use one character; HUNK. Unlike The Mercenaries where you get to choose which character you wish to play as.

This mini-game is very similar to; The Mercenaries: Operation Mad Jackal, but with some twists and turns. HUNK was sent to infiltrate an Umbrella Corporation facility in order to retrieve a sample of the G-Virus from William Birkin. He escapes into the swear area under Raccoon City Police Department, he’s barely alive after William Birkin injected the G-Virus into his body turning himself into a bio-weapon killing machine.

Hunk avoiding a zombie
Map of the Police Department

[edit] Starting Position + Strategy

HUNK starts from the sewer entrance and slowly starts to make his way to the Heli-Pad at the top of R.P.D.Raccoon City Police Department. The department is also filled with heaps of the undead zombies and creatures that hunger on precious human meat. To make the task even harder, players only have limited ammo to their disposal.

The only best strategy would be to run away or run around the enemy to preserve ammo, health and time.

Instead of having a limited amount or time, the player is given a timer that is displayed on-screen. The lower the time equals better results.

[edit] Raid Mode

Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: Revelations 2 have an additional mode which can be played that's called Raid Mode.

Resident Evil: Revelations Has the options to play Raid Mode in single or multiplayer (online only however). Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Has Raid Mode set up in a way where you have to connected online, but can play the mode in single player. Multiplayer can be played online or in split-screen.

This mode can only go up to 2 players.

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