The Hive

[edit] Plot Overview

The scenario opens with a docter trying to turn on the power of the facility but has no luck with it. As he prepares to turn it on he is swarmed by a large group of leeches and transformed into an unstoppable leech man. The players must from here battle their way to the sewers of the facility and then seek a way out from there. But first the players must lure the leech man into a temperature compartment where they can set the temperature. In here they set the temperature to hot for the leech man killing the leeches and revealing the body of Dr. Hursh. They take the card and from here embark on the sewer trip only to find a giant leech blocking the way. Then they must use the stream pipes and a canister of fuel to destroy the leech and further continue on foot.

[edit] Enemies

Giant Leech
Leech Man

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