[edit] Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol

This weapon is seen during the events of Resident Evil 4. This gun can be purchased from The Merchant for a small fee of 10,000 pesetas. For an extra 4,000 pesetas this gun can have a stock attached to it which will reduce the amount of recoil and improve the accuracy of this weapon. The gun is quite small and takes up 6x6 of the slots from the attache case. The basic stats of the weapon are 0.4, a fire rate of 0.10 seconds, 2.37 reload rate and a capacity of 30 rounds. Though this gun can be fully upgraded to have much better stats which are 1.2 damage, fire rate of 0.10 seconds, 1.17 seconds to reload and a capacity of 250 rounds. In total it costs 333,000 pesetas to fully upgrade the gun though an extra 4,000 pesetas are needed if you want the stock to be further attached. The exclusive upgrade to this weapon is a bump in the firepower from 1.2 to 1.8. Technically adding an extra half to its firepower.

[edit] Hunks TMP

The TMP which HUNK uses through the events of his mercenaries battle mode is a variation on the standard TMP. This version has a firepower of 1.0, fires every 0.10 seconds and can carry 100 ammunition. In addition it has a stock attached to it.

[edit] Krausers TMP

The TMP used by Krauser during the fight with Leon is somewhat similar to the custom though it does not have a stock attached to it.

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