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[edit] T-Veronica

The T-Veronica Virus was developed solely by the child prodigy Alexia Ashford at the Umbrella Antarctic Base. The Virus resembles the T-Virus in it's effects almost exactly, however, it's creation came about in a completely different way... An ancient virus was discovered within the genes of a Queen Ant; by implanting the Queen Ant's genes into the Mother Virus - the Progenitor Virus the T-Veronica Virus was born. Problems became apparent after Alexia ruthlessly used her father Alexander as a test subject. Upon injection, it would rapidly transform the host's cells - destroying the brain and body tissue, thus use as a B.O.W was negligible.

Alexia realised that in order for the virus to successfully co-exist with the host the rapid cellular mutation would have to be slowed - cryogenic sleep was the only answer, a process that would take 15 years. After 15 years had passed, Alexia woke from her slumber, she had successfully infected herself with the T-Veronica Virus, maintaining her full intelligence.

[edit] Monsters

Alexia I - Even though Alexia was peacefully co-existing with the virus, she still mutated. In her first form, Alexia retained her humanoid form, she did however develop vine like muscular growths around her body. Her blood would also combust as it was sprayed into the air, a formidable foe. Alexia II - In this second form Alexia had developed an enormous abdomen and had little humanoid resemblence, at this stage she was able to develop larvae, these however were incomplete and surved no important purpose.
Alexia III - This third and final form sees Alexia take to the air, now resembling a flying Queen Ant, she sprays red hot flames of blood to protect herself.

Nosferatu - Formerly Alexander Ashford, this grotesque monster is the result of the inharmonious cohesion of host and the T-Veronica Virus. Upon injection Alexander's brain deteriorated rapidly along with his bodily tissue. Furthermore, a special type of naturally incurable poison was generated within the body of 'Nosferatu'.

Mutant Steve - Formerly Steve Burnside. After being injected by Alexia Ashford, Steve transformed into a hideous creature, with an over-grown spine and green skin. During the transformation Steve's brain deteriorated, leaving nothing but a violent shell, he also gained enormous strength. HULK anyone?

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