Sub Machine Guns

These guns are seen in the events of Resident Evil: Code Veronica X and are actually seen twice. They are seen the first time when the player takes the control of Steve Burnside to clean out a mass section of zombies. They are secondly seen when the player just takes control of Chris Redfield. The player will take control of Chris, have the cut scene with Rodrigo Juan Raval then walk into the next room where the player sees a grate covering the sub machine guns. When the player presses the action button to check what it says upon the wall it tells the player they must light the fire to get the guns. So the player will only be able to obtain the guns if as Claire Redfield gave the lighter to Rodrigo in exchange for the lock pick. But before they can open up the grate they must defeat the Gulp Worm to free Rodrigos body and obtain the lighter.

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