Seperate Ways


[edit] Information

Separate Ways tells the story of Ada in the shadows while Leon was in the starlight but from this perspective it has Ada in the starlight and Leon in the shadows. The story is divided into 5 chapters. After completion of each scenario the player will unlock a new file into Adas' report. Additionally completing Separate Ways unlocks the Chicago Typewriter in main game.

[edit] Chapter 1

The story takes off with Ada in the village of Pueblo. After disposing of some ganados she is contacted by Wesker and told that she must ring the church bell so she can make the village members hostile for the time. Though upon being told she notices that Leon is having difficulty of his own dealing with the villagers. Though upon reaching the church she finds its locked and she needs the round insignia to open it. But before she can take the insignia she must find an item to put back into the slot. So heading down shore she finds that a Bella sister is guarding the green cats eye which must be used. After going in she solves the light puzzle and drops down the bars which seal off Ashley Graham.

[edit] Chapter 2

Ada receives a call from Wesker and is informed of what she must do. She has to venture to the other side of the village and rescue Luis Sera who is being held captive. Though by the time she makes her way across the village and fighting off a Dr. Salvador she finds that Leon is also being held prisoner and the two have been taken to the valley. Though some time later she heads to the chiefs house to find he is having an encounter with Leon. She distracts his attention and manages to save Leon though now she is the one he is after. Eventually being captured and tranquilized. Though upon waking up she finds she's woken at the right time and in turn avoids death. Though later she finds she needs the lift control key and in turn she must go off to the house where Leon will later fight the chief. Upon arrival she finds some villagers and the second bella sister who she defeats to get the key. Returning to the room she uses the key and further proceeds. Though she arrives to find the siege on the house has ended and she bumps into Luis. They have a chat and eventually part ways.

[edit] Chapter 3

Finally Ada reveals herself to Leon and escaping through the hedge maze she is contact by Wesker. The news of Luis capturing the sample and he tells her she must get it from him. Wesker also says that she is to take out Leon if she has the chance, she's a distraction. Upon escaping the maze after taking out some cult members she ventures through the castle, taking on a garrador and being successful. She eventually sees Leon in a struggle but avoids it knowing she has to kill him otherwise. Ada arrives to see Luis get murdered by Saddler and witness Leon watch though she is soon called by Wesker and told to keep Leon alive seeing as keeping him alive as a distraction could prove useful for there cause.

[edit] Chapter 4

Krausers meets Ada in the radio tower where Ada was informed by Wesker that he has brought in Krauser to dispose of Leon. Through battling her way through a mass of soldiers which stood in he bath she takes down the ship which Saddler had recommissioned and she eventually turns up on the scene where Leon and Krauser have a knife battle. Just in time to shoot the knife from the hand of Krauser and flee to safety.

[edit] Chapter 5

Ada is informed by Wesker that Krauser has been killed and she must go the fight scene of Saddler and Leon to finish off the winner. That by doing so she can receive the sample. As she continues on she finds Saddler engaged in combat with Leon and in an attempt to save him she distracts Saddler from the battle and allows Leon to take Ashley and escape the place. Though now she must fight him and after a little fight she eventually wins and takes the sample for herself. Though she doesn't see one of Saddlers tentacles which grabs her. Eventually she gets up to the top structural where Leon is engaged in combat with Saddler and after defeating him she holds Leon at gunpoint and retrieves the sample.

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