Scenario List REO


[edit] Outbreak

The first scenario of the game. The scenario pits the player in a bar from where the outbreak occurs and the player must escape through the streets to eventually set off charges to finish the level. (Look inside link for more detail).

[edit] Below Freezing Point

The player starts in an underground facility where they are led by Yoko. From here the player must seek a way out or be locked underground. Trying to reach the surface from the bottom is the aim of this level. (Look inside link for more detail).

[edit] The Hive

Starting in a hospital is the last thing you would want to do. But firstly you need to get the power on. Once this is done you discover you're being haunted by some man covered head to toe in leeches. From here you have to get to the lower levels and escape through the sewers. But firstly you got to kill the leech man. (Look inside link for more detail).

[edit] Hellfire

The level starts with showing the Apple Inn catching fire and things being destroyed. But the aim for the player is to somehow get out of the inn. But in the meantime the player is hunted by zombies and lickers. (Look inside link for more detail).

[edit] Decisions, Decisions

In the Raccoon University the player finds them self looking for a way out of the town. But firstly they have to find the ways out and dispose of the constant threat known as Thanatos. But to do so they need a product known as Daylight. (Look inside link for more detail).

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