Ricardo Irving

Ricardo Irving
Affiliation:African Branch Office of TRICELL Resource Development Department

[edit] History

Ricardo Irving is the director of the oil field owned by the resource development department of the African branch office of TRICELL, but recently, it has become apparent that, in reality, he is a merchant of death supplying the black market with bio-organic weapons (B.O.W.s).

TRICELL originally never developed B.O.W.s, and furthermore, as he is in the resource development and not the pharmaceutics department.

There are documents claiming he was in Raccoon City during the tragedy in 1998, though it is difficult to confirm that because the large majority of records that was lost during the incident.

[edit] Motion Capture and voice actor

Allan Grove's picture from his offical website

Allan Groves is the voice actor, motion-capture performer of the character Ricardo Irving from Resident Evil 5. He finished motion capture, facial capture, and voice over earlier summer 2008.

To find out more about Allan Grove and his motion capture art, visit his website at

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