Resident Evil Movie

Resident Evil (Movie)
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The Boxart Cover.
Director(s)Alexander Wittroducer
Producer(s)Paul Anderson

Jeremy Bolt

Don Carmody
Written byPaul Anderson
Release Date(s)United States: 15 March 2002

Australia: 25 April 2002

United Kingdom: 12 July 2002
SeriesResident Evil Series
StarringMilla Jovovich

Michelle Rodriguez Eric Mabius James Purefoy Colin Salmon Martin Crewes Heike Makatsch

Michaela Dicker
Preceeded byNone
Followed byResident Evil: Apocalypse

[edit] Plot

Deep underground under Raccoon City a man is at work. He is playing with the viruses and takes off with the viruses but before doing so he throws down a capsule of the virus which releases the virus in its crystalline form causing it to break down into a gas which then releases it into the air vent which causes the system to lock down. The Red Queen locks down the system causing everyone inside the facility to be killed. At the top secret entrance to the facility which was in the Arklay Mountains a nerve gas was released into the air. This caused the guardian of the top secret entrance Alice (Milla Jovich) to fall unconscious and then in turn forget everything she knew about her memories of Umbrella. As Alice walks around the entrance trying to gain her thoughts, an environmentalist Matt Addison breaks in shortly before the Umbrella bio hazard teams breaks in. The group then begin to head down into the Hive. They start by boarding the train which will take them directly into the facility. They restore the lost power to the train and start heading into the facility. As they are heading down J.D opens a door and Spence Parks collapses down. He suffered the same gas which Alice suffered. Quickly making it to the storage room the group aim to infiltrate the Queens chamber. But as One, Olga, Twelve, and Alfonso Warner begin to walk down the hallway the security laser system is activated and kills all of the members. Kaplain tries to stop the lasers while they are activated but has no luck in doing so. They stop once everyone has been killed. From there Kaplain and Alice begin to proceed to shut down the Red Queen. In the meantime due to the shut down all the doors and seals have been opened. Rain and J.D come across the first zombie from there. Rain is bitten but shocked at show the body took so many bullets to take down. Alice and Kaplain return to the group and from here the group is attacked by a large number of zombies. J.D tries to use the elevator to get out but is taken in by a large amount of zombies and devoured. After using most of their ammunition the group retreats to the chamber of the Red Queen. Spence, Alice and Rain barricade the chamber while Matt goes off into the offices to search for his sister. He finds her but she's infected. Scared by what he is seeing and unable to come to his senses Alice busts in to save the day and kills her. Matt then explains the whole story why he was there and from there they head out of the facility returning to the group. When they return to their group they find Spence has regained his thought and holds the group at gun point and makes his escape. Only to be killed by the licker. The rest of the group see how the licker was made by learning from the red queen and embark on getting out. They retrieve the anti virus on the way out and make it to the train only to be confronted by the licker. Rain is killed and Matt is infected as they finally manage to get out. But as they think there nightmare is over they are confronted by a bunch of Umbrella scientists and taken captive. Alice wakes in a hospital to find the place deserted. As she walks out she sees the place has been destroyed and that a disaster has occurred. She grabs a shotgun from a car and loads it.

It is revealed in the second movie that Matt reacted differently to the virus and turns into the movie rendition of Nemesis.

[edit] Enemies


[edit] Notable Locations

Arklay Mountains
Arklay Forest
Raccoon City
The Hive
Raccoon City Hospital

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