Resident Evil Gaiden

Resident Evil Gaiden
Developer(s)M4 Ltd.
Publisher(s)Capcom (USA, Japan) Virgin Interactive (Europe)
DesignersTim Hull
Release Date(s)Europe December 14, 2001
SeriesResident Evil
Genre(s)Adventure Shooter
PlatformsGameboy color

[edit] Premise

Following the events of Umbrella in Racoon City an anti-Umbrella organization has been set up. Leon is sent to investigate an Ocean Liner known as Starlight. Apparently the ship has been carrying B.O.W (Bio-Organic Weapon). After Leon is deployed upon the ship contact with him is lost. The player takes the control of Barry and must investigate for Leon.

[edit] Characters

Leon S. Kennedy
Barry Burton

[edit] Enemies

The player faces up against a varying amount of zombies, some which contain and use weapons. But apart from that the character faces B.O.W which is a tyrant like creature and Parasite Bow which is a newly developed Parasite which develops inside humans.

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