Resident Evil: Outbreak File

Resident Evil Outbreak File 2.jpg
Boxart Cover.
Developer(s)Capcom Production Studio 1
Release Date(s)Japan September 9, 2004

United States April 26, 2005

Europe August 26, 2005
SeriesResident Evil Series
Genre(s)Survival Horror, Third Person Shooter
PlatformsPlaystation 2

[edit] Premise

Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 follows the events of the same 8 survivors who were featured in Resident Evil: Outbreak but instead of being a complete extra addition to the first game it just adds more of the scenarios that the character would have been likely to face. Along with a bump in gameplay and some new additions on the gameplay it has 5 more scenarios, new endings, and 6 extra mini games like:

Elimination: Killing every single enemy in randomly placed scenarios before the time expires. It has 3 different stages (Elimination 1- Outbreak scenarios, Elimination 2- File 2 scenarios, Elimination 3- Both Outbreak/File 2 scenarios)

Showdown: Defeating a gauntlet of bosses from all 5 scenarios, also separated in 3 stages. (Showdown 1- All Outbreak bosses, Showdown 2- All File 2 bosses, Showdown 3- All Outbreak/File 2 bosses and an extra Tyrant battle)

[edit] Characters

Alyssa Ashcroft

Cindy Lennox

David King

George Hamilton

Jim Chapman

Kevin Ryman

Mark Wilkins

Yoko Suzuki

[edit] Scenarios

Wild Things
Desperate Times
End of the Road

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