Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Resident Evil: Dead Aim
"Resident Evil" Playstation Box Cover
Developer(s)Capcom Production Studio 3
DesignersShinji Mikami, Tokuro Fujiwara
Release Date(s)June 17, 2003 (NA)
SeriesResident Evil Series
Genre(s)Survival Horror
PlatformsSony PlayStation 2


[edit] Presmise

Resident Evil Dead Aim features the character zapping system from Resident Evil Zero, you can swap between the two playable characters Bruce MacGavin and Fong Lin during the quest. The story takes place on a cruise ship, where you must use various weapons to battle with the zombies and monsters.

[edit] Characters

Bruce McGivern
Fong Ling
Morpheus D. Duvall

[edit] Enemies


[edit] Getting Started

Beginner's, check here for extra tips on what to do before getting started.

[edit] Game Difficulties

Easy: Ammo and healing items are plentiful, zombies are weak. Recommended for beginners and people who play the game not for the challenge, but for the story.
Normal: You have a sufficient amount of ammo and health, but you won't drown in it like in Easy mode. Zombies are average.
Hard: Zombies are hard to kill, and you'll have to seriously control your ammo and health item usage if you want to make it through this.

[edit] Health/Cleansing Items

Green Meter: When your stat meter is green, this indicates that you are nearly at full health and have been attacked very few times.
Yellow Meter: Caution State, when in yellow, this shows that you have been attacked a few time's and can still go on but with caution. Orange Meter: This is the time where you are recommended to cure yourself by getting repleneshing items, it'll be very helpful when fighting a boss enemy.
Red Meter: This indicates that if you get hit one more time, even by the weakest of enemies, that you will die, get health as fast as possible.

To rid yourself of the yellow or red meters use any of the following health cleansers.
'Medicinal Spray: Restores health to "Fine" status. Green Herb: Raises health one or two notches. Herbal Medicine: Has the power of what seems like a green herb and a half or 2.

[edit] Survival Tactics

Survival Tactic (1) Conserve Ammo: When you can, knock down enemies rather than kill them. Also, use the type of ammo best suited to kill an enemy. For example, the Ivys in the basement lab are defeated easily by flame rounds or the flamethrower. Survival Tactic (2) Search Everything. If you're stuck, search everything in every room. Eventually, you'll probably find the item you need. Survival Tactic (3) Dodge Enemies when possible. If you can get around an enemy, don't waste ammo on it. This is especially true in this game because, like in RE3, you can press a button and push or duck under enemies. Survival Tactic (4) Aim for the head! Head shots can save lots of ammo when fighting zombies. Although their heads won't fly off, they will take much more damage. Survival Tactic (5) Knock enemies into each other. If you line it up correctly, you can knock down multiple enemies by only hitting the first one. Just like dominoes. Survival Tactic (6 )Only use health items when you need them. Unless fighting a powerful boss, only use a Full-healing item when you're in "Danger" condition.

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