Resident Evil: DS

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence
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  • Capcom Production Studio 4
Publisher: Nintendo
Release dates:
  • Japan.png - January 19, 2006
  • USA.png - February 7, 2006
  • Europe.png - March 31, 2006

Survival Horror

  • ESRB: M
  • CERO: D
  • BBFC: 15
  • BBFC: 18
  • PEGI: 16+
  • Single Player

Resident Evil Series

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[edit] Background

Resident Evil Deadly Silence is a remake of the first game in the franchise, available exclusively to the DS. It features some improvements to the gameplay such as stylus controls and new modes to play in. The game also utilizes the handheld's built-in microphone on more than a few occasions in the game.

[edit] Play Modes

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence includes two modes of play - a "Classic Mode" which is basically the original game unaltered and a "Rebirth Mode" which features updated controls, new puzzles and so on. The "Rebirth Mode" also utilizes the console's touch screen (the top screen used to display the player stats and items as well as the map and the bottom one displays the main gameplay)

Here you will find extensive information about those play modes. Big thanks to CVXFREAK for letting us use this on the portal.

[edit] Classic Mode

Classic Mode is the original Resident Evil from the PlayStation with a few tweaks. You get the additions from Rebirth Mode, which are getting the knife with the L button and the 180-turn. But the puzzle arrangement, story progression, monster placement and item placement remain the same as the original version.

[edit] Easy Mode

There is an Easy Mode in Deadly Silence, although it isn't easily discoverable like in the PSone/Saturn/GameCube editions of this game. In the title screen, access New Game, and then highlighting either Rebirth Mode or Classic Mode, hold right on the D-Pad for a few seconds and the text should become green. If it's green, then select either mode will be Easy Mode. Easy Mode gives double the ammo, and double ink ribbons. Enemies take fewer bullets to kill, and Chris and Jill take more hits to die. Select this mode only if you truly suck at the game.

[edit] Rebirth Mode

Rebirth Mode is the newest addition to the original Resident Evil. Do not get this confused with the GameCube version of Resident Evil, since that game is colloquially referred to as Resident Evil Rebirth to some fans. Rebirth Mode puts the Nintendo DS's unique features to work. There are new puzzles that involve the use of the stylus and touch screen, such as those involving input codes and selected first person combat sequences, where swiping or poking the touch screen corresponds to the swings or stabs of the knife. The DS's microphone is put to good use as well. Updated to conform to the standards of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and onwards, the 180-degree auto turn has been added to making escaping enemies much easier. Introduced in Resident Evil 4, Rebirth Mode now contains knife switching on the fly by holding the L button. If you've beaten the original Resident Evil before on any system, GameCube excluded, you ought to try Rebirth Mode first since it offers new twists and features that people familiar to the series might not expect. If you've never beaten the original Resident Evil or have only beaten the GameCube version, then try the original version first to get a feel for the game.

[edit] Gameplay Tips

These tips apply to all modes of gameplay. A lot of them are written by CVXFREAK and are posted with his permission.

[edit] Attacking

When you encounter a fiend, your only possible options are to run away, or you have to attack it. To attack a monster, first you will require a weapon equipped(loaded with ammunition if you are using a gun). Press and hold R1 button to aim, then press the action button to attack. Some characters can also attack using their special movement. When aiming with the R1 button, you can choose the attacking level. Hold up on the D-pad and the R1 button to aim up, hold down on the D-pad and the R1 button to aim down. Similarly, you can shift left or right using the D-pad when aiming. When no weapon is equipped, your character will shove using the shoulder instead. Shoving allow more space for your character to escape. Shoving from behind open up more spaces. You can also switch the target while aiming. To do so, press L1 while holding R1. The L1 button can also act as a 'refresh' button when there is only one enemy in the room, useful for aiming fast-moving monster. Beginning the Attacking Portion • To reload a weapon, simply combine the ammunition and the weapon in the Inventory Screen, or tap the L1 button. • Do take note that if there is no sufficient space, any pole-type melee weapons (for example, Iron Pipe) will 'bounced' by the wall, and the attack will not be made.

[edit] Climbing

To climb, simply press the action button next to the thing you want to climb. You can use the climbing function to climb ladder, ledges and object. Note that you can only climb onto certain items and ladders.

[edit] Collection

From here, you can view the collection of the unlockables that the game has to offer. Use L1 and R1 to toggle between the sub menus, and the D-pad to move the cursor around the unlockables. Highlight one that is not blank to get a description and the points needed information, which is shown at the bottom left of the screen. On the right is the "RESULT", which is the points that you have accumulated. You can spend them to purchase the unlockables, and any purchased unlockables will have a "OK" words on it. To purchase, simply highlight any unlockable and press the action button. Press the action button to confirm, or cancel to cancel buying. Below shows what you can do after buying them. • On the "GALLERY", press the action button to view the picture. • On the "COSTUME", press the action button to view a description of the costume. To use them, select them in the CHARACTER SELECT screen when you start a game. • On the "MOVIE", press the action button to choose which movie scene you wish to view. • On the "SOUND", press the action button to choose the sound/music you wish to hear. Use the D-pad to choose the track. At any time, press the cancel button to return to the main menu.

[edit] Network

Selecting "NETWORK" brings you to a menu, where you will be asked to save your unsaved data as 'starting a network game may result in a loss of unsaved system data." Press "X" to proceed. Initially, it will search for a NET file. Without a file you will not be able to save your login name and other players' information. Choose to create one if you want. A NET file requires 123 KB of free space in the memory card to be created.

[edit] Shoving

Some objects can be shove along the ground. The purpose of shoving objects are to build a route so you can advance the game, or build barricade. To shove, stand beside an object, and hold the D-pad against the direction of the object. Beginning the Shoving Proportion: • Note that only some items can be push. Similarly, you can stop the zombies from entering a room by shoving against the door. • Note that the shoving will be terminated should there be any obstacles (be it an enemy, other character or an item) in the way.

[edit] Single Play

The game will search and load any saved data on the memory card. Then, you will be brought to the SCENARIO SELECT screen. Initially, there are only 1 scenario available, which is the "OUTBREAK" scenario. Don't worry, you will unlock 4 more after repeated plays. Use the D-Pad to scroll between the scenarios if you have more than 1 available for play. Below display a brief description of the scenario, and press the triangle button for information on the scenario events that you have done. Initially, it will be blank, but after playing the game and doing tasks, it will be recorded here. Press the action button and you will be brought to the CHARACTER SELECT. Use the D-pad to scroll between the characters, action button to confirm the selection or O button to return to the scenario selection screen. In here, pressing the triangle button shows you the scenario event checklist. After choosing a character, you can select the difficulty of the scenario. Initially, only EASY and NORMAL is available. HARD and VERY HARD needs to be unlocked. After choosing the difficulty, the scenario game starts. The advice in this section applies to all modes.

[edit] Avoid Enemies

In the game, many enemies (in third person view) can be avoided by running around them before they can react and attack you. Not only does this save you ammo, it can avoid getting you injured and making you use up a precious healing item.

[edit] Conserve Ammo

New to Deadly Silence is the ability to arm the combat knife by just holding the L button. This first appeared in Resident Evil 4. While the knife is still a relatively weak weapon, it does save a lot of ammunition. It works well against zombies that are on the ground, or "bottlenecked" in a position where they are trapped and cannot reach you. The knife is also the perfect weapon against smaller enemies like crows and wasps. You're probably better off not using it against Hunters, Chimeras or bosses, though.

[edit] General Controls

To Shoot: Hold R and Press A or Y To Change Enemies: While aiming, press L To Use the Knife: Hold L To Auto-Turn: Press Down and B To Reload During Gameplay: Press R and B

[edit] Keep Your Distance

Very important should avoiding an enemy not be an option. Keep your distance while you're attacking. Thankfully, unlike the other Biohazard games, weapons don't seem to noticeably lose their effectiveness when fired from afar (they might, but you'd probably at most lose a bullet or two). By keeping your distance, you have a smaller chance of injury.

[edit] Make Multiple Save Files

Admittedly this is less of a problem with the original Biohazard than it is with Deadly Silence, because Deadly Silence only has five save slots in the cartridge. What you should do is save on multiple save slots a few times in your adventure. If you make a mistake and become unable to proceed forward in the game due to that mistake (such as using up too much ammo or health), then reload an older save file and avoid making the mistake.

[edit] Manage Your Item Slots Wisely

Chris can only hold six items, and Jill can hold eight. For each character, keep a health item, weapon, ammo and a powerful weapon at your disposal. At least two spaces should be unoccupied for items you can pick up. Make frequent trips to the item box and drop things off that you won't need - the walkthrough will usually make note of this, but it should become something of your priority as you play.

[edit] Use the Microphone in First Person Mode

If a zombie is about to vomit on you, blow into the microphone to blow its vomit back, preventing you from getting damaged.

[edit] Use Your Weapons Wisely

A more powerful weapon many times is the worst possible weapon to use. Don't use the Magnum on one lone zombie, and don't use the Handgun against a group of zombies. The Magnum needs to be saved for powerful foes, and the Handgun should be used for lone enemies a fair distance away. Thankfully, the Shotgun and BAZOOKA are flexible. The Shotgun will burn through groups of zombies in two or three shots, while the BAZOOKA, depending on the type of ammo, will kill most enemies in a shot or two.

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