Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
  • Nex Entertainment
  • Flagship (scenario)
  • Capcom
  • Eidos (EU)
Release dates: Dreamcast:
  • Japan.png - February 3, 2000
  • USA.png - March 29, 2000
  • Europe.png - May 26, 2000
  • Japan.png - March 22, 2001 (Complete Version)

Playstation 2

  • Japan.png - March 22, 2001
  • USA.png - August 22, 2001
  • Europe.png - September 14, 2001


  • Japan.png - August 7, 2003
  • USA.png - December 3, 2003
  • Europe.png - March 12, 2004
  • Survival Horror
  • 3rd Person Shooter
  • ESRB: (M) Mature
  • BBFC: 15
  • Single Player

Resident Evil Series

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[edit] Premise

3 months since the incident in Raccoon City. The game opens to see Claire Redfield being chased by employees in an Umbrella base located in Paris, France. After a brief chase she finally meets her match and finds herself not long after waking up inside a jail cell in somewhere shes never seen before. Next she knows shes hearing an explosion and a man is walking into the room who lets her out of her cell. The man is Rodrigo Juan Raval, he used to work on the island. He says she can get out and get off the island but to watch out. Once Claire makes it back to the surface she hears an explosion and is sent flying. But the problem is that a zombie is coming for her, then she turns to see zombies all around. Immediately she runs out of the graveyard to start her quest on getting off Rockfort Island and making her way out.

[edit] Gameplay

Code Veronica X is a third person shooter, the player has the option to play in first person but this is only in the battle game. Choose from a quite large array of weapons you will collect on your adventure to keep yourself alive and collect herbs and first aid sprays to keep your health.

[edit] Characters

Claire Redfield
Chris Redfield
Steve Burnside
Alfred Ashford
Alexia Ashford
Rodrigo Juan Raval
Albert Wesker

[edit] Creatures

Gulp Worm
Infected Bat

[edit] Bosses

T-078 Tyrant
Mutant Steve
Alexia Ashford

[edit] Weapons

Combat Knife
Glock 17
Bow Gun
Sub Machine Guns
Assault Rifle
Grenade Launcher
Sniper Rifle
Linear Launcher

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