Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Resident Evil: Apocalypse
DirectorAlexander Witt
Producer(s)Paul Anderson

Jeremy Bolt

Don Carmody
WritterPaul Anderson
Release Date(s)USA September 10, 2004

United Kingdom October 8, 2004

Australia October 21, 2004
SeriesResident Evil Series
Genre(s)Science Fiction
Preceded byResident Evil Movie
Followed byResident Evil: Extinction

[edit] Overview

Resident Evil Apocalypse takes place after the first movie Resident Evil Movie. Approximately thirteen hours after the original events of the movie Umbrella sends in a team to investigate what had happened. Though as they arrive there is hardly any activity until all of a sudden a man with a radar is shocked by the increasing amount of activity coming towards him and then the squad is attacked by zombies and lickers who were contained within the complex. Not long after Umbrella establishes check points for citizens wanting to leave the city due to the infection. Though people must be checked before they are granted the ability to leave the city. In the meantime Alice has awoken from her sleep and is recalling the events of the first movie. Then she leaves and heads off exploring Raccoon City. From there it goes to three Umbrella soldiers Carlos Olivera, Nicholai Ginovaef and Yuri Loginova where they meet up with S.T.A.R.S unit in an attempt to fight the oncoming zombies on the streets. Yuri is bitten and they are forced to retreat. From there movie escalates and Nemesis is dispatched by Umbrella to take care of any remaining Stars units. Later on Alice is forced to fight Nemesis in which Alice looks into the eyes of Nemesis to realize it is her former friend Matt Addison. From there is a massive battle until eventually Major Cain is left for dead and the group get away from the city in a helicopter only to have it shot down later.

[edit] Characters

Jill Valentine
Carlos Olivera
Major Timothy Cain
Dr. Charles Ashford
Terri Morales
Angela Ashford
Nicholai Ginovaef
Dr. Sam Isaacs

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