Regis Licker

The Regis licker managed to make an appearance in both of the Resident Evil Outbreak games. Though in the storyline in the first one and as a boss in the mini games in the second. The regis licker varies to its regular Licker counterparts whereas it seems to possess some human characteristics about it. It has eyes, seems human in appearance and lacks the exposion of its brain tissue like its regular counterparts. The Regis licker suspends itself from ceilings through using its hind legs which are more like arms now in the support they offer and is able to use it's tongue as a more whip like weapon as a pose to the spear like method of its regular counterparts. The regis lickers appear to be next stage of evolution after one has turned from a Crimson Head and is going into the next stage of becoming a licker itself. Though there was only ever one regis licker spotted in the whole of the outbreak and this was in the Apple Inn.

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