Regeant generation memo

"Reagent components: 1. P-base 2. V-poison 3. T-blood Synthesize the components in the incubator located in the lab.

  • The machine will automatically mix the components. It will take some time to

totally mix them.

  • Once it is generated, you can make a copy by setting it in the high speed


1. P-base Generated 2500 ml for the reagent. Since storage device in the lab is out of order, sample is being stored in basement tank. Keep sample in air-tight case or it will dissolve.

2. V-poison Generated from bee poison as a culture catalyst. It is kept in the lab. Gathering usable amounts of V-poison is very labor intensive. Handle it with care.

3. T-blood Blood from a creature infected with the "T" virus.

  • A sample from Greg should be arriving."
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