Recovery Items REO


[edit] First Aid-Spray:

This spray, will recover you to full HP. They're not an option on Hard and Very Hard mode, as they are hard to come by.

[edit] Recovery Medicine S:

This blue medicine, will recover you 500 HP. It can be created by using George. Just mix a blue herb.

[edit] Recovery Medicine L:

Larger than the other, it gives you 2000 HP.

[edit] Renostat:

This red medicine, will make you stop bleeding. You can create it by using George. Just mix a red herb.

[edit] Antidote:

This green medicine, will heal you from Poison. It can be created by using George. Just mix a green herb.

[edit] Herbs:

Herbs are essential in the game. When you're in harder modes, there will be almost no first-aid-sprays. However herbs are still easy to find. You can combine them, into a maximum of 3. Above you'll see the impact the combinations can do.

[edit] Green Herb:

A Green herb by itself recovers 500 HP. Not much, but you can also use George to transform it in an Antidote, though that's not a very good idea.

[edit] Blue Herb:

A Blue Herb alone recovers you from Poison. You can also use George to transform it in a recovery medicine (small).

[edit] Red Herb:

A Red Herb by itself is useless. However, you can use George to transform it into a Renostat, but that's the least you should do.

[edit] 2 Green Herbs:

When you combine a Green Herb with another one, you will recover 1000 HP.

[edit] 3 Green Herbs:

When 3 Green Herbs are combined the result is a little more than 1500 HP.

[edit] Blue Herb+Green Herb:

By doing this, you will recover from Poison and gain 500 HP:

[edit] Blue Herb+2Green Herbs:

By doing this you will gain 1000 HP and you will recover from Poison.

[edit] Green Herb+Red Herb:

This is the second most powerful mix. When a Green Herb is combined with a Red Herb, you gain 2000 HP.

[edit] Green Herb+Red Herb+Blue Herb:

The most powerful mix. The Blue Herb not only makes you recover from Poison, but it gives a little HP boost. You recover 2200 HP.

[edit] Blue Herb+Red Herb:

This mixture by itself is almost useless. It only recovers you from Poison. You must mix a Green Herb to it.

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