Piers Nivans

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[edit] Introduction

Piers Nivans is Chris Redfield's partner in Resident Evil 6. He is a member of the North American branch of the BSAA and serves under Chris during the conflict in Edonia and during the C-virus outbreak that take place in China. Piers is an expert sniper and is the only character in the game that uses the Anti Material Rifle. Piers has a great sense of respect and loyalty to Chris and always refers to him as "Captain" except for a few times in the story when he calls him "Chris" to address him directly during tense situations (such as when Chris pursues Ada Wong continuously). Piers finds Chris at a bar and brings him back to the battleground and the BSAA and give him new focus. Piers serves as Chris' moral support throughout the story of Resident Evil 6 and forms a bond good enough to where Chris names him as his successor at one point while in the underwater facility.

[edit] The Fate of Piers

After being severely wounded in the final battle with Haus in the underwater facility, Piers injects himself with the C-virus sample and gains a mutated arm in place of his lost arm. Piers is able to fire out bioelectric energy to help damage Haus in the final battle. Once Chris and Piers defeat Haus, the two make their way to the escape pods. Piers looks at his mutated arm and, while he is still capable of making human decisions, tears off his BSAA patch then shoves Chris into an escape pod while giving him the patch and activates the pod. Chris yells at Piers and Piers simply nods back to Chris as Chris is ejected out into the ocean leaving Piers in the crumbling underwater facility.

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