Peter's diary

"August 30th - Reagent creation is at its final stage. When it is completed we will finally have a means to stop that wretched T-virus.

I heard about Umbrella's heinous dealings from an ex-head researcher named Greg. I wouldn't have been able to create this reagent without his expertise and assistance. Using viral research for personal gain is unforgiveable. We named this reagent Daylight. You don't need an Umbrella in the daylight. I find the name quite suits the reagent, considering it's main purpose.

September 15th - I've received the T sample from Greg and tested Daylight on it. It's still not all that stable but it is managing to suppress the growth of the "T" viral cell. Victory is nigh!

Come to think of it... How did Greg obtain the "T" sample? He told me a friend secretly got him a sample but he thinks he's being chased by Umbrella. Is he hiding something from me? Well, I shouldn't snoop...

September 19th It seems I've been totally mistaken. How could Greg do such terrible things?! It seems this has all been a ruse. He planned everything from the start!

There must be a reason why he rushed me to complete the "Daylight." Am I the only one who, other than Greg, knows how to create the compound? Is my life in danger? I should just play dumb for awhile.

  • Discard T sample.
  • Hide compound instructions.
  • Contact George."
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