Ozwell E. Spencer

Ozwell E. Spencer
Ozwell Spencer.jpg
Ozwell as seen in the Resident Evil 5 preview.
OccupationUmbrella President (former)
Last seenUnknown

[edit] Ozwell E. Spencer

Ozwell is one of the most important and mysterious characters of the Resident Evil Series. He has never been seen in a game but only been mentioned. He was the owner and co-founder of the massive corporation of Umbrella.

Ozwell is also presumed dead in the Spencer Esstate after informing Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield of the whereabouts of Albert Wesker.

[edit] Appearance

Spencer is scheduled to show up in the upcoming Resident Evil 5 game in one of Chris Redfield's flashbacks of the Spencer Esstate where Chris and Jill were battling Albert Wesker.

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