Outbreak File 2 Scenarios


[edit] Training Level (Outbreak Revisited)

Not truly a scenario for the game but it allows the player to do the level from Resident Evil Outbreak but only this time there are notes everywhere teaching the player to play with the new mechanics.

[edit] Wild Things

The first scenario of the game, the level is played out at the Raccoon City Zoo where the player must find a way out but in the mean time find a way of dealing with a stalking elephant. The elephant known as Oscar is one of the multiple animals which appears in the zoo.

For the list of creatures in this see Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 Enemies.

[edit] Underbelly

The player is underground in a gigantic subway. The player must somehow find a way while they are being chased by mutated flee like creatures known as Mega Bites. After fixing the train which allows for the player to escape the queen of the mega bites known as Giga Bite kidnaps one of the players characters and the player must fight the queen to get the player back. If the player doesn't return for the train in time after defeating the queen they msut be evacuated by air sequence.

[edit] Flashback

The scenario starts in an empty cabin in the Arklay Mountains Woods. A man greets them and tells them he will show them a way through the woods to the next town. Upon doing so the man leads them to an abandoned hospital where the players are immediately hunted down by a man with a woodcutters axe and a giant plant, similar to Plant 42. The player can choose though to enter the hospital or not though if the player doesn't enter the player takes an alternate route where the bridge breaks and they must be forced to fight through waves of Mega/Giga bites.

[edit] Desperate Times

Taking place in the Raccoon Police Department the main objective of the scenario is for the player to find plates which allow a police officer to escape the facility and get out allowing to go find help for them. Though once they have found the plates the facility is attacked by a large waves of zombies and the player must fight them off. Luckily after a certain time Rita returns and allows the players to escape the facility.

[edit] End of the Road

The scenario is unlocked once the player has completed the first four. A large scenario which takes the player nearly an hour to complete though for non-experienced players it takes well over an hour. Taking place in an Umbrella Laboratory the scenario starts showing David King saving Carter from a zombie in which the facility goes into lock down.

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