[edit] Plot Overview

Outbreak is the first scenario in the game Resident Evil Outbreak. The level opens at a bar mentioning a riot is occurring and then a zombie walks in the door. The zombie attacks the bartender and from here the events start. The player must get out of the bar trying to get any items they can get and then run for it. The player runs and jumps across things trying to get to safety. Eventually coming to a cop who says he will save them. But they are swarmed by either zombies or giant scorpions depending on the difficulty selected by the player. From there the players are set into the sewers after they set off a oil tanker in an attempt to stop the oncoming threat of zombies which are coming towards them and halt the zombies from further coming after them. They then find themselves walking in sewers until getting to the surface of the sewers and further making their way to the main street over a bridge to finally see the threat. Officers are trying to let off a bunch of charges in an attempt to halt the threat. The officers are about to detonate charges but the zombies bust through the barrier and the detonator parts are scattered throughout the main road. From here the player must collect the parts and detonate the charges to free them self of their oncoming zombie threat.

[edit] Enemies

Giant Scorpion

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