The Nyx was another of Umbrellas biological weapons which had been stored away. The creature is a jelly like organism which can take control of a body after infecting it and kill the host at a mad rate of infection. The Nyx will attack through throwing pieces of its body, using its overly large arm or through other physical attacks. The Nyx doesn't have many weaknesses but it can be subject to the constant use of high firepower to take it down. Or by using a rocket launcher to destroy it from the core is another way of demolishing the beast. The true weak spot of such is the large eye which is has on its body. When the Nyx drops to one knee the eye will become a prime spot to target and the player can much dispatch of the Nyx itself much quicker then trying to take it down by other means. Though in the events of Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 the easiest way to dispatch of the Nyx is to use the body to destroy the Tyrant host and finish of the Nyx itself. Though this is only available if the player has not previously used the bomb switch to destroy the tyrant at any prior points during the level.

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