With the ability to cloak themselves leaving only a cloud of breath to be seen, these enemies are far from easy. Novistadors appear in two forms, one is an invisible and flightless insect and the other as an agile flying insect - Either way not so easy to shoot!

[edit] Location

Novistadors appear in the castle stages. They appear in their invisible form in Chapter 3-2 and in their flying form in Chapters 4-1 and 4-2. Novistadors can be easy to kill and very rewarding; dropping a eye almost every time you make a kill. In their invisible form Novistadors can be very difficult to handle, they are very strong and are very resilient to attack, they can be taken care of with weapons such as the Rifles (preferably with the infared scope equipped). In their flying form Novistadors can be very easy to deal with, taking only a shotgun shell or two, if you are looking to prosper from the kills you make you will have to work for it however, as shooting them in the air is sometimes an instant kill.

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