[edit] Background

Nosferatu was formed by the injection of the T-Veronica Virus by his son through experimentation Alfred. After he had been injected and mutated into the creature he was left in a secret room in the depths of the Antarctic Base for 15 years until he eventually pursued Steve and Claire. He had been chained up by son and left for dead.

[edit] Pursuit of Claire and Steve

The name given to Alexander Ashford in his mutated state by his two children. He was experimented on by his own children Alfred and Alexia after they had considered him to be the failure of the family. Set free in the Antarctic base once the power has been restored. Claire and Steve finally make it out of the base but only to crash and find themselves climbing up to a helicopter pad and down the next set of stairs, but what they find on the stairs is Nosferatu. He has larges tentacle claw like features coming from his back in which he hits Steve knocking him to the edge of over the edge. Steve hangs while the player must control Claire in a battle against the creature.

[edit] Death

Noseferatu was defeated by the player by taking a certain amount of damage or by the use of the sniper rifle which could be collected after Alfred had fallen to the depths of the facility. The player had to target the heart and through using the sniper rifle could quickly dispatch of the thread without too much trouble. This was the recommended means of defeating the Nosferatu as the player could further leave the majority of their ammunition and weaponry for Chris for the second half of the events of the game.

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