Mutant Steve

Steve Burnside while mutated by the T-Veronica Virus

Mutant Steve comes about as the result of the injection of the T-Veronica Virus into his body. This causes his mutation which is seen when the player playing as Claire finally finds Steve in his normal state been held in place by two large axes. Eventually when he awakes he morphs into his large mutant state and begins his pursue of Claire down the hall where the player playing as Claire must run for her life and will be hit by his axe during the chase. The mutant Steve has no control over his actions and is highly aggressive in this state though it is found that he has his faults in this states as he was able to turn back into his normal self after resisting the urge to kill Claire when he had his opportunity. When Claire managed to just get into a cell room which kept her safe from Steve in his state a large tentacle broke into the room and managed to take a hold of her. At that point Steve broke through and as he held his axe high in the air as if he was going to kill Claire he managed to cut the tentacle further saving Claire from her death and Steve eventually turned back to his human state to die. Though after he the self destruct system had been activated and all the doors had been opened Claire was taken by Wesker though he let her go eventually after Chris gave chase to Wesker. Steve was collected by Weskers people and taken.

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