Mickhail Victor

Mickhail Victor

Mickhail Victor is the Group Leader of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, also known as the U.B.C.S. squad. Mickhail is from Russia and has extensive armed forces experience and training. The player only gets to see Mickhail in the Train Cart; he was wounded in the chest area.

Mickhail barely did anything in the game, except protect the Train-Cart from a group of zombies and protect Jill Valentine from the Nemesis.

Mickhail stranded no chance against the Nemesis, so he decided to end his life using a grenade, but just before he did end his life, he pronounced these words: “Just a little closer…” as the Nemesis approached “You lose!” the Train-Cart explodes, the Nemesis is sent flying through the cart window, the Train-Cart crashes into the wall in front of the Clock Tower, with Mickhail supposedly dead.

Key Roles In: Resident Evil 3: (The Mercenaries)

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