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[edit] Information

A zealot leader

Zealots are members of the Los Illumminados cult that lives in the castle. Unlike Los Ganados, they have more weapons and some have shields to protect themselves. Some of them have helmets to protect themselves from head-shots. There are also zealots in red robes, which are the leaders. The leader Zealots normally stay behind the normal ones and only choose to attack when all the others are dead.

[edit] Weapons

Some of the zealots will attack you with a crossbow, and some will attack you with a scythes. Others will use a spike ball attached to a chain.

[edit] Plaga

Most of the time, if you head-shot a zealot, the plagas will appear. These are more dangerous than the Los Ganados's plagas. They look almost like worms, and if they are close enough, they will eat your head.

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