Lisa Trevor



[edit] Early Life

Lisa Trevor was born to the parents Jessica Trevor and George Trevor in 1953. A few years after she was born her dad went off to work on the Spencer Mansion which was featured in Resident Evil.

[edit] Kidnapping

While George was slowly coming to his death Lisa and her mother were kidnapped and taken to the mansion to be worked on as human test subjects for the progenitor virus.

[edit] Experimenting/Effects

Lisa was given the Type-B of the virus as a pose to the Type-A which her mother was given. The virus which was administered to her mother didn't show much effect as her body managed to fight off the virus whereas the virus which was given to Lisa made her body show early evident signs of mutation. Her physical and mental status began to show great signs of change. As she mental state began to turn to complete and utter crap she began to develop a severe obsession to want to remain with her mother which ended up badly. She ended up killing her mother by completely ripping off her face though she thought someone was playing an impostor of her mother. Though still convinced by the fact that it was not her mother that she had killed she continued to play the waiting game as she waited continuously. She wore her mothers decomposing face over hers to keep it in safe keeping though. As time continued to go on Lisa still remained as a test subject for the people of Umbrella. Though as the experiments continued and viruses and parasites were placed inside her body none had an effect. Her body had seemed to have developed a strong immunity to all things. This attracted the attention of the Umbrella scientists Albert Wesker and William Birkin as they then decided to test the Nemesis parasite upon the body of her. Though it showed that her body had absorbed the virus and manage to harness all the power from the parasite. This was a major breakthrough for Umbrella and eventually continued to the developed of the G-Virus. Though as she continued to become increasingly lonely and her mutation had gone into further state she had become increasingly violent until eventually Umbrella thought she must be destroyed. Though it showed no effect Lisa managed to go and take her home in a little home in the Arklay Forest.

[edit] Reuniting with her mother

The date of the event is still unknown but eventually Lisa managed to find the home of her deceased mother. Though she was only able to do it through the recognizance of the scent of her mother. Though she unable to release the stone cover which covered the coffin.

[edit] S.T.A.R.S incident

During the 1998 incident the player who was chosen by the person to play as was able to come into contact with Lisa. After solving the puzzle of the coffin the skeleton of Jessica Trevor would be revealed and Lisa would finally get the reunitement she had seeked but it would only cause her to jump into the deep abyss.

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