[edit] Description

The Licker makes its appearances in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil Survivor, Resident Evil Outbreak as well as Resident Evil 5 series. The creature is supposedly a human in the later stages of T-Virus infection. The creature can climb on ceiling and walls, and attacks with its claws, but can also use its razor-sharp tounge. In Resident Evil 2, there is also a Super Licker variation, which is more powerful and has a green color.

[edit] Strategy

In any game the creature appears in, the easiest strategy is to simply evade it. The creature is blind, so if the player walks softly they can get by it without it knowing. Failing this, the best way to deal with it in any of the games is to use the shotgun or a grenade launcher equipped with explosive rounds.

[edit] Pre evolution stage

Before the licker has officially become a Licker the human host of the T-Virus must become a Crimson Head and then be in the state of a Crimson head for a certain amount of time before the host can evolve into a Licker.

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