Leon Scott Kennedy

Leon S. Kennedy
NameLeon S. Kennedy
Last SeenIn the Talloaks cemetery Ingrid Hunnigan Helena Harper
Voice actorPaul Haddad
Blood TypeB

Leon Scott Kennedy is a recurring character in the Resident Evil series, best known for his appearance as one of the major (and playable) characters in Resident Evil 2 and in Resident Evil 4, though he also makes an appearance in the Gameboy Color Resident Evil Gaiden. Leon has faced a lot of hardships in his time, and on what would've been his first day as a member of the RCPD (R.P.D.) he faced the traumas of the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City. As a survivor of the catastrophe, Leon was sent several years later to a remote area of Spain to rescue the President's daughter, Ashley Graham.

[edit] Biography

[edit] The Raccoon City Incident

Leon first arrived into the disaster zone that is Resident Evil in Resi 2. His first day on the job saw him arrive into Raccoon City the night before he was meant to start. What met him however was something that could be described, at very least, as a baptism of fire.

Leon was completely new at the time. A young cop eager to fulfill his duty to 'serve and protect'. His out-spoken and over-eager attitude becomes apparent in the game as you play through. Encountering many different shapes and sizes of characters, Leon fights his way through the infected streets and buildings of Raccoon City trying to uncover the secrets behind what's going on in the city.

[edit] The European Incident

Leon featured again as the main character in Resident Evil 4. He was sent to a remote European country to investigate the disappearance of the President of Americas' daughter, Ashley Graham. Leon appears this time as a Special Forces type of officer, the job of being sent on a mission by the president and having him entrust the safety of his daughter to you does not come with a light responsibility. Obviously Leon's actions in the Raccoon incident sky-rocketed his standings in his job.

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