Leech Man



[edit] Appearance

Seen in the scenario The Hive in Resident Evil: Outbreak. He is a docter who has been covered from head to toe by a bunch of leeches.

[edit] Purpose

The purpose of the Leech Man is to haunt the player in whatever they are trying to do throughout the level. Though there are safe points throughout the level in which the leech man cannot reach the player.

[edit] Death

The only way to kill the leech man is to lure him into the fixed temperature experiment room where the player turns the heat up significantly and causes the leeches to die.

[edit] Rebirth

After the leech man has been killed by the heat if one of the players dies during the level this player will form a new leech man. In which will be smarter then the old one. Meaning that it will not fall for the luring into the experiment room trick.

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