Joseph Frost



[edit] Joseph Frost

Seen in the introductory scene in Resident Evil he is killed by a dog. He is the expert of vehicles for the Alpha Team.

[edit] Background

Joseph was a member of the S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team which went into the Arklay Mountain area after they had lost communications with the Bravo Team. He was originally a member of the Bravo Team but was promoted due to the enlistment of Rebecca Chambers on the Bravo Team.

[edit] Original Death

In the original Resident Evil game he was searching the area for clues when he found a gun and proceeding to pull the pistol up to find that there was an arm attached which further led him to scream and be attacked by a Cerberus dog which took him to the ground and the rest of the pack further devoured him. Meanwhile Jill froze at the site of this until eventually running off after being noticed by the dogs.

[edit] Remake Death

He was apart of the group which discovered the crashed copter and found the body of Kevin Dooley which prompted him to vomit at the site of it. Eventually after moving on he continued to walk through the woods with his shotgun in arms. Eventually he heard a growling sound and turned to look but while he was looking a Cerebus took him from behind and dragged him to the ground which led to a further onslaught from the group of dogs which devoured him. Likewise to the original Jill watched on and eventually once the dogs caught sight of her they began to chase her down.

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