Jim Chapman

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Jim ob lg.jpg
Age: 24
Weight: 155 Ibs
Height: 5’9’’
Quick Description: He will rarely be attacked by enemies.
HP: 1800
Speed: 3
Virus Growth: 1
  • Description:

An agent with the Raccoon City subway, Jim is friendly and cheerful, but sometimes reveals a hesitant side. Even though he means well, he talks too much and sometimes bothers people around him. To his credit, he has strong powers of intuition and is skillful at solving puzzles. Jim can flip a coin to make his attacks more accurate. Every time the coin lands on "heads", his ability to get a headshot increases. This can be done 3 times in a row. But if it lands on "tails", he has to start over. He can also play dead, and enemies won't attack him. But it makes his virus meter speed way up.

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