Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

[edit] Background

The gruesome creatures known to us as 'Iron Maidens' are the result of extensive Los Illuminados experiments. Iron Maidens are a highly developed variation of the Regenerator. Due to it's superior metabolism, this creature is capable of rapid cellular regeneration, thus, traditional game strategy is redundant. Fortunately for us, due to communication issues between the multiple Plaga controlling these creatures, it's motor skills are impaired and movement is very slow.

What sets Iron Maidens apart from Regenerators is their method of attack; Unlike Regenerators, Iron Maidens will not bite their enemy, they harbour multiple spikes and instead will skewer the target if it gets within range. A deadly attack.

[edit] Strategy

Regenerators and Iron Maidens are host to a highly developed type of parasite, these parasites have the ability to adapt to the host's skin, thus, they can only be seen through use of the 'Infared Scope'. The Infared Scope is crucial when fighting these creatures - without it, a lot of ammo and time will be required. Infrared Strategy:

    • Combine the Infared Scope with the Semi-Automatic Rifle
    • Take aim and you'll see the Parasites, which are quite distinct
    • Carefully shoot the Parasites, after each shot, the creature will stall, giving you time to re-aim
    • If the creature ceases to stop, shoot off it's legs, on the back of the creature you will see a final Parasite - Destroy this and the enemy is no more

Alternative strategies include simply hitting the creature to the ground and making a run for it, however, this strategy will not appease all situations, you will be required to kill one Regenerator and one Iron Maiden (to get the cell key).

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