[edit] Description

Hunters are an amphibious cross-bred mutant creature with razor sharp claws. They come in many different forms, and can be found in water and on land. Their main forms of attack are a leaping slash, and if close enough, a very fast swipe. If you are low on health, it can perform a leaping slash that will cause an instant decapitation - so heal right away if you have doubts about a quick extermination.

[edit] Disposal

The Magnum is the safest way to eliminate these creatures. If Magnum ammo is of short supply, a few blasts with a Shotgun or grenade launcher will do just fine; trying to survive without either wouldn't be the best idea. Some of the Hunters found in Code Veronica (also called a Sweeper) are known to inflict Poison status with a single swipe. These can be identified from normal Hunters by their red color.

[edit] Variations

Some variations of the Hunter include:
Alpha Hunter
Beta Hunter
Lurker Hunter
Gama Hunter
Elite Hunter
Hunter Mu
Hunter R

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