[edit] Plot Overview

In the Apple Inn the players find themselves looking for any way out of the facility. Needless to say the boiler in the Inn has exploded and the place is overcome with flames. Two firefighters have tried to solve the problem only to find they couldn't and further caused the explosion. But regardless the players must weave and work through the building which is overcome with flames and coming down as they continue on. As they continue throughout the building the player finds the place has been overrun with typical zombies and also has been overcome with lickers. As they player continues through the building they find the way through and eventually make their way to the lobby to be confronted by what is known as a regis licker. This licker varies to its regular counterparts and must be confronted in a totally different way instead of standing and shooting as it suspends itself from the ceiling. Eventually after the player has defeated this abnormal creature the firefights break into the building and free the players from this place of hell.

[edit] Enemies

Regis Licker

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