[edit] Backround

HUNK's Apperance

No one really knows who HUNK is, except that he is a Special Ops agent for Umbrella.He appears in mini-games from The 4th Survivor and The Mercenaries from both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4.

He is always the leader of his squad because of his great skills and he is always the only one left alive.

[edit] Codename:HUNK

Hunk speaking to the chopper pilot - HUNKS Codename

Nobody knows what his codename stands for,some people have guessed that is stands for "Human Unit Never Killed",but it hasn't been proven. Some people also call HUNK; Mr.Death, as seen from the in-game picture (Left side).

[edit] Combat

Hunk uses a TMP for his main weapon and nothing else,sometimes even grenades.

He even also has his famous "Neck-breaker".Just like the name,he breaks his victim's neck,which equals an instant-death.

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