[edit] Background

Garradors are humans infected with the Las Plagas that have gone blind and are eguipped with large claws on each arm.

They are blind, but gain temporary use of their senses if a flash grenade goes off.

They also become enraged by loud noises, and will charge in the direction of any loud noise.

[edit] How to fight

Garradors have an exposed plaga on their back. Walking softly will allow the player to move around without drawing attention to themselves. Using either a rifle or magnum, after getting behind the creature, to hit the plaga on its back is the easiest way to kill it. There is normally a bell located in the same area as one of the monsters, and ringing it will lure the monster to it. Many times, the creature will swing at the bell and get its claw stuck in a wall, giving the player a perfect opening.

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