[edit] G Virus

The G-Virus is the result of trials conducted with the NE-α parasite, an incredibly resilient prototype parasite which would later become the corner stone of the Nemesis Project. Implanted into the spinal cord of Lisa Trevor, the NE-α parasite travelled to her brain - soon after, for reasons still unknown, the parasite disappeared. Upon analysis of Lisa Trevor's body researchers were amazed to find what appeared to be a new virus - The G-Virus. William Birkin, entranced by the discovery of this new virus decided to go to Umbrella HQ, where he requested permission to conduct further research into the G-Virus, permission was granted and soon after work began on what was to be the Raccoon City underground Research Facility.

The G-Virus was set to be the future of Umbrella, however, overwhelmed by paranoia, William Birkin feared that Spencer would take over research. Birkin set about compiling all previous research, he was planning on selling the Virus to the American Military in a bid to remain in control of it's development. Spencer, aware of these activities took action, the U.S.F were deployed with orders to recover the virus. Birkin, near death injected himself with the G-Virus, he became G and took out all members of the U.S.F unit apart from HUNK, who would later recover a G-Virus sample and successfully complete his mission.

[edit] Effects

What sets the G-Virus apart from the T-Virus is it's ability to create entirely new lifeforms, the T-Virus would merely create mutations within the host, it bore no fruit. The G-Virus would genetically alter the host organism and through this create entirely new G-organisms.

Organisms with a genetic make-up compatible with the G-Virus would become hideous, forever mutating creatures with immense power e.g. William Birkin > G. All others would simply become host to a G-Embryo, their cellular structure would change and they would die as soon as the organism neared it's final stages of growth.

[edit] Antigens

Fortunately for Sherry Birkin - infected by her father, a vaccine existed. Called Devil, it would attack the G-Cells in their most vulnerable areas, all before the G-Virus had arranged the host organism's cellular structure and before the G-Ebryo was fully grown.

There is speculation that the G in G-Virus actually stands for 'God', is it mere co-incident that the cure is called Devil?

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