[edit] Plot Overview

The player awakes in a little shack in the middle of the Arklay Forest. From here an old man walks in and tells them he will lead them back to town but in a turn of events the player is lead to an abandoned hospital from where the player must battle out of. While doing so the player is constantly hunted down by a crazy man with an axe. The player can fight or run or hide from him. But whatever they choose he will always be hunting the player down.

[edit] Enemies

Axe Man
Botanic Zombie

[edit] Scenario time

The scenario occurs in between the events of the Underbelly and Desperate Times scenarios.

[edit] Alternate Cutscenes

If the player chooses to play the scenario as Alyssa Ashcroft they will see some additional cutscenes not seen by other places.

[edit] Alternate path

If the player chooses not to take the hospital path and wander around until the bridge breaks then there will be a new path open up to the player allowing them to take a path back to take facing various other things.

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