Excella Gione

[edit] Personal History

Excella Gione was a member of the well-known and respected Gione family. Due to her family's very successful export/import business, Excella had a lavish upbringing and inherited her parents' fortune. However she wasn't just a silly rich kid. She was also very intelligent and business-savvy, having breezed through high school at an early age and majoring in genetic engineering at university. Excella soon joined Tricell, one of her family's companies, and teamed up with Albert Wesker (whom she had gained a crush on). Wesker used Excella's romantic interest in him to his advantage, persuading her to become CEO of Tricell's African division and re-open the abandoned African Umbrella research facility, which allowed him to create the Uroboros virus - a virus that he planned on spreading throughout the world and infecting the human race with. Not realizing she was being played, Excella hoped to rule this new world with Wesker.

Unfortunately for Excella, Wesker had different plans...plans that didn't involve her. He betrayed her by injecting her with the Uroboros virus, which rejected her DNA and consumed her body, turning her into the monstrous Uroboros Aheri. Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar quickly defeated her.

Read more: http://residentevil.wikia.com/wiki/Excella#ixzz0KraefSh5&C

Read more: http://residentevil.wikia.com/wiki/Excella#ixzz0KrZnk7QK&C

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